Sleeping at the vineyards

Comfort and beauty among the vineyards

Your journey in search of wellness starts from here. There is a country which has always looked after the living spaces and today, after a clever restoration, it returns 13 rooms arranged in several spaces: the villa, the courtyard and the garden. They are different in style, color schemes and furniture, but connected by a unique will: giving an elegant, essential style to the country places, without disturbing their spirit, but looking for contemporaneity thanks to natural material, with light references to our history and finally surrounded by the sound of nature, a real plus of living in the country.

Classic Room

Simple and intimate they are also refuges of this country Residence which narrates, with its colors and furniture a classic style, modernised in its shades and materials.

Superior Room

In full style Residence, the Superior Rooms are modern and colorful. They face on a private garden rich of mediterranean plants, which make the garden like pieces of a colorful mosaic.

Delux Room

The big windows on the vineyard in the Delux Rooms as feature of these big spaces, full of comfort, will make your stay unique. Living surrounded by nature and blending with it, enjoying its sounds and its rhythms without hurry.


Each with its own identity, each “the most beautiful” but all different. Two of them with a bath in the garden at the vineyard level, to relax and, symbolically, get lost in meditation. One with the original walls of lava stone, which become a wall in the shower, while in the room they are the perfect texture as background to the white designed bath.