Refined country hospitality at the slopes of the Etna.

“When I was a child, the country house was my safe place. The latest summer memories with my family, the warm milk, the smell of bread fresh out of the oven, all together around the big dining table in the diningroom. The joy of waking up early to go with our grandad to see the grape harvest, the folk songs, the hands dirty with soil, the muddy rubber boots and that red sweather in a discolored photo now.”

Mariangela Cambria

The Residence

Everything starts from the memories of the country house, that safe place which recounts our summer holidays in the vineyard. Nowadays we would like our guests to discover that beauty, soften by a contemporary vision of hospitality.

Sleeping at the vineyards

Your journey in search of wellness starts from here. There is a country which has always looked after the living spaces and today, after a clever restoration, it returns 13 rooms arranged in several spaces, different in style and color schemes, but connected by a unique will.

Vivere la Dimora

Godetevi tutto il bello e il buono del vivere in una dimora in campagna. I colori sono sempre cangianti, le camere guardano i filari e la muntagna, la colazione è un tripudio di sapori locali, la piscina un fresco momento per godere il paesaggio.

Culinary Delights

Bringing together colors and flavours harmoniously is something typical Sicilian. We love all what is local, homemade, connected to seasons and traditions, connected to how we used to be, but enriched with the current processing of old, traditional products.

Discover our territory

This is the peculiarity of our land which, as people said once, changes inch by inch. It is impossible to capture the soul of this landscape fast.